The Garden of Earthly Delights



Artwork: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Year: 2023

Artist: Marco Cueva

Material: Granite stone sculptures in different colors and from different parts of the world

Place: Rannebergen’s park grounds in Gothenburg

Client: Bostadsbolaget Göteborg

Art consultant: Pia Mauno

The artist Marco Cueva has, with his stone sculptures, populated Rannebergen’s beautiful Park environment.  The sculptures engage in dialogue with existing stones in the area and together form a stroll path entitled Lustgården.

The route includes:

1.”Nandhi”, a bull in black granite     Nandhi
2. “White Rabbits”, two white rabbits in light gray granite White Rabbit   White Rabbit
3. “Neko”, a cat in pink granite   Neko
4.”Pepe”, a skunk in dark gray granite   Pepe 
5.”Adam”, a man in dark gray granite     Adam

The artist describes this work:

The sculpture group depict five Fauns (animals with anthropomorphic features) and one human: Adam, portrayed with the help of stereotypes but not entirely without charm, loosely based on mythologies, images, films and stories that exist in our collective consciousness.

Marco Cueva is a sculptor, born in 1965 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  Cueva studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. He lives and works in Strömsbergsbruk.