Autumn Works

My works from this fall
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“Lluvia”; Marble, stainless steel and blue granite

“Balam”; Blue Bahia granite

“Neko”; Upplands pegmatite


Portugal, for the last time?

I thought i was done with my work for the City of Karlstad, but I needed to return to Odrinhas, a little town north of Sintra, to make one more marble cloud in order to reinforce the stability of the sculpture group “Detrás de los Cerros”

Portugal, Part III

After two weeks almost nonstop work i just finished the six stone sculptures that form part of “Detrás de los Cerros”, a commission for the city of Karlstad

Centro Internacional de Escultura, Odrinhas September 2015

Portugal, part two

Just finished three sculptures out of six…

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