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Review published in the  art criticism section in the blog of Magdalena Dziurlikowska:

Marco Cueva, Mytologier, Gallery Charlotte Lund, 1 sep – 1 oct, 2011
Myths are sacred stories that explain the world and connect people. It is also said that stories are the stuff we are woven of. When Cueva collects twenty or so of his works under the name Mythologies, he alludes to the big questions and the deep mysteries . Who we are, where we come from and where are we heading? Cueva hands us a bunch of fantastic things on the way, more entities and amulets than sculptures, and wants us to feel them. The caress makes a trip along the undulating alabaster, wood, marble and bronze, but can also get a sting on a nail. In this way one becomes familiar with the clouds, volcanoes, the Minotaur and the genie in the lamp. Usually it is not an object but a state of mind being imaged. A feeling that is produced in the viewer with a starting point in the multilayered , semiabstract sculptures. Cuevas ways to use classic materials and give them soft shapes provide security, however against this calm contradictions are broken between material and subject. Smoked loops of stone and a frizzy hair of nail heads inject  humor and surrealism into the story . The myth , the eternal story of our wonder over all that is there , and the strange , glorious act of being.