Guardians, Hågelby Park, Botkyrka

Based on the activities conducted in Hogslaby; which are dedicated to man’s connection with nature and the locations specific conditions, I have chosen to place three medium-sized stone sculptures that visitors can sit by and interact with.
I have chosen cats as a subject partly because they are very appealing creatures that most people can positively relate to, partly because even though they have been with us for thousands of years, they are basically wild animals with a thin veneer of civilization. The choice of motif for me is primarily aesthetic and it often appears in my artwork.


Time (?)
A commission for the preschool at Merkuriusgatan, Gothenburg
Time is a difficult concept that can be defined in many different ways, I have chosen the way  was represented in Greek mythology and selected a few aspects:
“The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter means a moment of indefinite time in which everything happens.”(Wikipedia)
1. “Kronos” is the personification of time in Greek mythology and is the time that is measured and ends (the chronological time) it is often represented as an old man.
2. “Kairos” Greek word meaning right, critical or opportune moment. For a moment everything is possible but if you miss it, it’s gone..
3. “Aeon” which is the unbound time that has neither beginning nor end, it just goes on. for me the snail is the image of slowness.