Time (?)
A commission for the preschool at Merkuriusgatan, Gothenburg
Time is a difficult concept that can be defined in many different ways, I have chosen the way  was represented in Greek mythology and selected a few aspects:
“The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter means a moment of indefinite time in which everything happens.”(Wikipedia)
1. “Kronos” is the personification of time in Greek mythology and is the time that is measured and ends (the chronological time) it is often represented as an old man.
2. “Kairos” Greek word meaning right, critical or opportune moment. For a moment everything is possible but if you miss it, it’s gone..
3. “Aeon” which is the unbound time that has neither beginning nor end, it just goes on. for me the snail is the image of slowness.


“Karma” a sculpture commission in stone and metal, for Slottet Nursing Home in the city of Falun, built for the care of older people with dementia.

Winter Works

Working during winter on two separate projects: one for a kindergarten in Gothenburg and the other for a nursing home in Falun.


Soon in a school in Uppsala

“Arcadia”, part three

Karlslundsgården, Örebro


Arcadia” a public art commission for Karlslund’s Vårdboende

Arcadia was a region in ancient Greece considered a home of paradisiacal innocence and quiet happiness, i.e. a garden of pleasure. For me, a suitable theme for the nursing home’s garden. I was inspired by Egyptian art for the design of the yard’s decoration. The dominant element of the garden is the pond, which brings to mind watering holes in the African savannah, meeting places for all kinds of wild animals that coexist in relative harmony. A hippopotamus often lives in these waterholes; “Tauret” is a common motif in Egyptian sculpture – often made in blue or turquoise ceramics; It symbolizes rebirth. Another figure that I like to return to is the god “Toth” in his baboon form, the god of equilibrium and balance. The sculptural ensemble was completed with a cat statue in red granite, in this case a reclining lioness:  “Bastet” was the symbol of fertility and a healing deity. The figures are somewhat stylized and polished so that the form is soft and inviting to the touch

Everything is almost ready, the only thing left is to fill the pool