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Bajo el Azul de tu Misterio

Some pictures from my recent show at Charlotte Lund Gallery in Stockholm

Here is a nice review (in swedish) that appeared on Omkonst, an art magazine online.

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At last!

All’s well that ends well, after many rounds and discussions could the sculpture be completed and delivered

The whole process is here

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“Detrás de los Cerros” (The final push)

A final effort to finish Detrás de los Cerros: A sculpture group for the Nursing Home of Oskarslund, in Karlstad.
I have often preferred to act before thinking and correct my mistakes along the way, but  in this piece the error margin had to be kept to a minimum. I was forced to device a method and follow it.
And after many sleepless nights and cold sweats, with the valuable help of many people I managed to finish it, also the weather collaborated: it was only bellow freezing early in the morning.
The entire process is documented here

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Portugal, part two

Just finished three sculptures out of six…

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Public works Work Work in Progress

“Detrás de los Cerros”

“Detrás de los Cerros”:

A project for Oskarslund’s nursing home, Karlstad

Centro Internacional de Escultura
Odrinhas, Portugal 2015